So I have to switch midwives :/

The one I’m currently seeing works with a practice of 5 doctors and they just changed their policies so they no longer allow women to go past 40 weeks without induction and/or scheduled Csection. Also they now have a policy if you’re having a vbac you must be on the monitor the whole time so stupid. So with the help of the nurse I met in L&D the other night I found a new midwife who’s ENTIRE practice all has the same beliefs and I have my first appointment with her next week! Bummed about switching but excited to not be pressured into anything!

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Posted on February 11th at 8:35 PM
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    Isn’t it depressing :/ my mother carried me a month and ten days past her “due date” and everyone was healthy and fine!...
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    HIjacking this because.. the whole practice doesn’t allow women to go past 40 weeks?!? That’s an ESTIMATED due date…....
  3. earlymother said: Good! My doctor’s were the same way. I wasn’t at risk to have a c-section and they kept me in bed and monitored the ENTIRE time. I wasn’t allowed to walk or move. Because it’s safer for them that way. But made labor a hell of a lot worse for me/baby.
  4. heidiandfamily said: I switched OBs/MW 3x until I found one that was on board with what I wanted! So worth it in the end.
  5. jessplusone said: I hope your new midwife is awesome!
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